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Terms and Conditions

This statement lists the terms and conditions (‘particulars’) of all full-time Staff (simply referred to as 'Staff' throughout this statement) serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Sendai.

1. Who These Terms Apply To, and From When They Are Valid

These terms and conditions apply to all Staff serving with YWAM Sendai from the day they start attending a scheduled meeting or event.

2. Pay, Benefits, & Pension

Staff receive no pay from YWAM Sendai and must take full responsibility of all YWAM fees, ministry expenses, state obligations and personal expenses incurred during their service with YWAM Sendai. Staff are expected to raise a minimum amount of financial support, as discussed with YWAM Sendai leaders prior to them joining as Staff.

Staff are also not entitled to any benefits, including housing.

Staff are not enrolled into any pension in connection with their service with YWAM Sendai. Staff are encouraged to enroll themselves with a pension scheme of their choosing.

3. Place of Work

The City of Sendai is the place of work for our Staff. There is a combination of working from home, other Staff's homes, at churches, and in the streets. Sometimes traveling out of city (including overseas) will be necessary.

Home Assignment

Staff are encouraged to travel to visit their sending church and supporters periodically in order to update them on their service with YWAM Sendai, as well as to maintain their financial support. We recommend that Staff consider making this trip every two years for between one to two months in length. This should be discussed with the YWAM Sendai leaders ahead of time.

4. Working Hours

Staff are expected to work for 35 hours per week, with these hours spread throughout the week, including weekends. At least 1 full day off per week can be expected. Scheduled meetings are variable and can change at short notice.

5. Holiday Entitlement

Staff can usually expect to have Japanese national holidays off. When this is not the case, alternative days will be decided upon. On top of these holidays, Staff are encouraged to take another 10 weekdays off per year. When these days can be taken as holiday should be discussed with the YWAM Sendai leaders.

6. Absence

If any Staff need to be absent from scheduled events or meetings for any reason, they must inform a YWAM Sendai leader as soon as possible.

Please discuss the following exceptional circumstances with YWAM Sendai leaders with as much advance notice as the circumstances allow:

  • maternity leave
  • adoption leave
  • paternity leave
  • shared parental leave
  • time off for dependents
  • bereavement leave
  • compassionate leave
  • sabbatical leave
  • training and study leave

7. Training

Staff are required to complete a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) prior to applying to join as Staff, at their own expense.

Staff are required to also learn the Japanese language up to at least Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT, the national standard of proficiency testing) level N2 comprehension while serving with YWAM Sendai, at their own expense. They can do this during work hours, as discussed with YWAM Sendai leaders.

Further training is also encouraged, but not necessary; especially the YWAM School of Frontier Missions (SOFM) or equivalent. Time off can be given for such training.

8. Notice Period

The notice a Staff member must give to end their service with YWAM Sendai is usually at least 4 weeks.

We may end any Staff member's service at any time by also giving at least 4 weeks notice.

9. Grievances

If any Staff member wishes to raise a grievance, they should put it in writing to the YWAM Sendai leaders.

If the grievance is not resolved to their satisfaction, or if the grievance relates to a YWAM Sendai leader, they should contact the YWAM Japan Area Circle Team or National Office.