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End Bible Poverty Now

We desire to end Bible poverty in Japan! Here are a few resources we can use in order to do this.

In the future, we can pray and think about ways in which to make this available to the Japanese in a way they will most likely access it. have a vision to spread the Gospel through Social Media all over the world. They have created Japanese content here:

The Jesus Film


LUMO have created a video series voiced in Japanese of the Gospel of John

Faith Comes by Hearing have produced audio for the Japanese Contemporary Bible (リビングバイブル), which can be read alongside video from The Jesus Film.


The Bible can be read in Japanese for free on YouVersion and can be downloaded from most smartphone app stores.

Japanese Drama Bible

A dramatised audio Bible app called 聴くドラマ聖書 can be downloaded from most smartphone app stores.

Bible Project

The Bible Project goes deep into Bible truths in a clear and understandable way using video, and some of their content is now in Japanese!

Seisho Channel Bridge

Seisho Channel Bridge has compiled multiple Japanese resources in one location.