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Being a YWAM Sendai Staff

This page details the commitments and expectations we have for all full-time YWAM Sendai Staff.

Be a YWAMer


It is necessary to have completed a YWAM DTS in order be a YWAM staff.

YWAM Purpose, Beliefs & Values

It is also important to make a commitment to the YWAM Purpose, Beliefs & Values. All staff are expected to not only know what YWAM is about, but also live it. We ask all of staff, new and old, to refresh themselves regularly on what it means to be a YWAMer.

YWAM International & Japan

All staff are expected to commit to the wellbeing of the whole YWAM family, both through prayer and through attending gatherings. This includes YWAM International and YWAM Japan.

Personal Relationship with God

All staff are expected to have an active, ongoing spiritual life which inspires and challenges other staff and the local Japanese people. This means investing in one's personal relationship with God by keeping spiritual disciplines such as regular prayer, Bible study, and worship. Also to wholeheartedly participate in our corporate times of worship, prayer, and intercession.

Of course, things aren't always rosy, so we encourage everyone to be real and honest about how they are doing spiritually also, reaching out for prayer.


All staff must make a commitment to attend all scheduled weekly meetings. On top of this, our expectation is that each of our staff manage their time well, giving around 35 hours per week to “work” (not including meals, personal time with God, personal skill development/hobbies, fellowship with each other etc.). What would this look like?

Category Hours per Week Description
YWAM Sendai Functioning 7 hours (20% of time) All scheduled meetings, weekly worship and training, weekly intercession, role-related work, etc.
Ministry 28 hours (80% of time) Event prep, kokubuncho, DTS/school prep, meeting Japanese people, prayer walking, evangelism, language study (no more than 14 hours) etc.

Note on Language Study: For all new non-Japanese speaking staff, up to 50% of ministry time can be spent studying the Japanese language for the first year in Japan – leaving at least 14 hours for ministry. After the first year, please discuss with the YWAM Sendai leaders about how much time to spend on language study.


As we all live in separate homes, we need to communicate well both in person and online. We need to aim to over-communicate, rather than under-communicate. Especially as our community grows (and pioneer new communities!). All staff are expected to be active and attentive to all communication done over Discord.


All staff are required to raise a minimum amount of monthly support in order to join us. You can find this information here.

We require this amount as each staff member is responsible to make all required monthly payments in order to live here: rent, utilities, phone bills, health insurance, etc. YWAM Sendai is not responsible for your finances, so missed payments could mean penalty fees, jail time, or even deportation.

All staff are also required to make staff fee payments each month, currently set to ¥6,000. YWAM Sendai does not have its own income and relies on this in order to function. Again, you can read this page to find out what its used for.

There is always need for ongoing fundraising. This is due to a combination of rising living expenses here, as well as decreased financial support over time. It is vital to communicate regularly to supporters and churches, both for prayer support and for financial support. It is also important to make trips to visit supporters and churches around once every two years for a month or two in order to renew connections with supporters, churches, family and friends.

Japanese Language & Culture

Joining our team means God brought you to Japan in order to love the Japanese people. In order to do this, you will need to both speak to and listen to people's hearts. All staff are expected to develop a passion to learn Japanese culture and language, and to keep learning even when it gets tough.

One good way to learn is to pursue opportunities to be immersed in Japanese-only settings (e.g. church). This can be difficult, especially at the beginning--but it is worth it! Also, food is a huge part of Japanese culture. We encourage our staff to try everything at least twice (even if you're not too sure!) and cook Japanese food at home and as a community. This attitude will speak volumes!

Learning this language requires discipline and good strategy. We encourage each staff to set achievable goals in language study and to stick to a study schedule. We are in this together, so we ask everyone to keep each other accountable. As we want to become a bilingual YWAM base, we also challenge each other to speak in Japanese together. A great way to practice (and stay humble!).

There are many opportunities to practice and learn the language in Sendai. Please seek them out! Read this page for a suggested plan to learn this language.

Local Church

Though we as YWAMers worship together and function as the Body of Christ, we expect that all staff will pursue relationship with local Japanese believers and get stuck into the places where they are worshipping and being church. Whether they enjoy singing ancient hymns or contemporary songs, we desire to love and serve and be a refreshment and encouragement to God's people here in Sendai.